Back in the early 90's I feel in love with natural hair pony brushes. Today I'm bringing back old school with a TWIST!
Introducing our gorgeous nude professional makeup brushes. Made exclusively for the professionals that love pretty things!


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  • For the ease of pre-sales, these brushes will be sold as a "collection"
  • After launch, brushes will be sold individually at regular retail prices
  • Open to the first 200 people to pre-pay
  • We will start collecting money on or around May 9th, 2016
  • Expected delivery between July 15-Aug 31, depending on shipping schedule
  • Open to SRB wholesalers
  • Remember, we do not do "pro" discounts. The only time we do "discounts" is on pre-lauch items.


  • While the expected date is between July 13-August 31, 2016, due to international shipping, we could plus or minus 30-35 days.
  • When you pre-purchase, there will be no refunds unless your order can not be processed on our end or if we fail to meet minimum of 200 sets.*

Because of this price, when you purchase, you agree to the terms and conditions of the pre-sale offer.

**For our vegan friends, a full set of synthetic brushes will be available in 2017! We are working on that collection now.


This pre-sale collection will include the following natural hair brushes. 
People who sign up for the email alert and retail partners will get first opportunity at the sale.  After that full retail price will apply.

Individual Brush Price: $533
Pre-Sale Price: (First 200) $199
Wholesale: $266.50 

1. Brow Definer (ox) $24
2. Brow Groomer (Synthetic) $14
3. Cream Eye (Sable) $28
4. Concealer (Sable) $26
5. Crease Blender (Pony) $26
6. Eye Shader (Pony) $26
7. Foundation (Sable) $78
8. Stipple (Synthetic. Will be a white dual tone synthetic in final set) $48
9. Blush & Powder (Pony) $42
10.Cream Cheek (Synthetic)$32
11.Retractable Lip Brush (Sable) $26
12.Smokey Detail (Pony)$26
13.Base Shadow (Pony) $26
14.Bent Liner (Sable) $24
15.Smudge & Smolder (Pony) $24
16.Small Crease Blender (Pony) $26
17.Angled Stipple (Synthetic) $42
18.Brow & Liner (Sable) $24

Individual Brush Price: $562
Pre-Sale Price: (First 200) $199
Wholesale: $281.50


Shipping in the continental USA
(Flat Rate $8) Up to 2 sets. 

International Shipping
Check out SHIPITO. You can buy from USA retailers and ship anywhere in the world and can get better rates than we can get for you. Click the link below to learn more.


1. Are your brushes cruelty free?

No animal is killed for the sole purpose of making makeup brushes. All animal hair brushes is a byproduct of the food industry. I believe there is a certain dignity in using all of the animal when it has been used as a food source. 

2. What are your brushes made from?

Natural and synthetic hair. Brass/Copper ferrules. Briarwood handles. (the same wood that luxury smoking pipes are made from). Weighted but not heavy. A beautiful work of art.

3. I'm vegan. Why don't you do an all synthetic set instead?
As an artist, I personally prefer to use natural hair brushes. They hold pigment differently and really leave a beautiful finish. A natural hair brush also uses less product when applied to the face.

While great strides have been made in the synthetic department, I still believe natural hair is superior. 

We are planning a full line of synthetics in 2017 for our vegan friends as we are close to developing a hair that we love.


No money due now.

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